Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dirty Pots

I have to write one more thing today, this about a small disaster. We (sig. other and I) have been planning on cooking some chicken legs for a while now, putting it off too long. Ie: the legs have been thawed in the fridge a day longer than makes us comfortable. However, my fear of wasting food won out and I cooked them as planned, just a little longer under the broiler. I forgot, however, that our broiler requires us to place the meat one level down than normal. I also let it cook a little longer, eager to kill any evil samonella. Result: so much burning and charring, all windows had to be opened. Any of the marinade that was on there was now burnt to a literal crisp, which you can see below. sigh. Let this be a lesson to me to use food when it should be used.


  1. One can boil the chicken in seasoned water [about an hour] then transfer to pan for marinading and broiling [or better, roasting]... any meat, if cooked sufficiently, can safely be eaten - some just might need more spicing and herbing to give tood taste ;-)

  2. Nice! you should have seen the actual chicken. Unfortunately, it was disposed of before I thought to snap a picture!