Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine's Day Feast

Justin and I agreed, we could have easily paid over $200 at a restaurant for the dinner we made last night. Huge thanks to our friends who got us an awesome bottle of champagne for Christmas; we would have never enjoyed such an indulgence if we went out.

The menu was impressive by itself, and extensive. So for this post, I will skip the recipes and concentrate on the pictures and the food. The first is of the table, the fanciest this house has ever experienced, thanks to the china and silver that was handed down generation to generation.

Isn't that cool? I mean, for a couple married only four months ago?

Okay, so this may not be in order, but I have to show you the picture of the awesome dessert I made yesterday. It was super easy and from the New York Times: Pear-Honey Upside-Down Cake. Seriously, really fun and easy and it even came out of the iron skillet just fine.

How beautiful is that cake? So the last picture is of the entire dinner. And here is the menu:
Cream of Potato Soup
Mustard Crusted Rack of Lamb
Asparagus boiled in chicken broth
Pear-Honey Upside-Down Cake

And for the last picture, one for which I have not gotten complete permission, one of my number one husband on our first Valentine's day as husband and wife.

Isn't he something? Okay so not too much if anything this week. We have to eat all I cooked this weekend. More to come next week with more new recipes. See you then!

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